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Local informational campaign


1. Presentation of Toolkit concept and Working Session with University Students Council

The first part of Project “Voluntary Youth Work Recognition for Employability” presentation was among the most active part of Students Society of Dnipro University of Technology - Students Council. The main conception of future recognition tool was presented. It was an important part of tool creation - to get feedback and reviews from the student community. Foreign students were also attracted to this working session. We would like to know will it be useful for international students also in the condition of their countries labour market.

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Students were actively involved in the discussion. They shared out to personal experience in presenting the abilities that they had encountered so far.

As a result of the working session clearer understanding of student’s needs in area of skills representing was obtained.


2. Presentation of Toolkit concept to Academic Community

During the meeting of Higher Education Establishments of the Dnipro Region, a conception of Project’s Tool was presented. The main purpose of the speech was to share the idea of Tool with colleagues who are closely connected with youth. “Skills Presenter” was shared among the multidirectional universities: Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Dnipro State University of Agriculture and Economics, University of Customs and Finance, Prydniprovska State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Alfred Nobel University.

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Universities, as a major part of the youth's life, were involved in the dialogue about necessity and relevance of “Skills Presenter”. Representatives of university administration expressed their opinion and unanimously supported the need to develop and implement such an assistant.

3. Final Tool Presentation and Training Course for Dnipro Youth Community

The final part of the project dissemination company was presentation of “Skills Presenter” tool. The presentation consisted of a tool’s overview and training activities.

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The meeting was attended by representatives of students, youth and city organizations. All participants were provided with handouts about the Project “Voluntary Youth Work Recognition for Employability”. For interested people it were suggested a list of skills and the variants of how they can be presented in academic and social circles. Prepared list of skills was considered together with the group. It was also possible for participants to supplement the list with their own examples and to discuss with others.


More info about the project:  https://www.europeanprojects.am/project

Link to Skills Presenter Tool

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