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Press  Conference  for  the  Inspirational  Portal  presentation




Date: 27/11/2019

Time: 10 AM

Venue: Dnipro University of Technology, Building 1, office 413

              (Yavornitskoho 19, Dnipro)

Speakers: Maryna Pashkevych (project coordinator, Ukraine);

                    Nataliia Bilan (project manager, Ukraine);

                    Kateryna Hiro, Valeriiy Myschenko (portal contributors).

Audience: local TV channels and newspapers, city government, city youth council, youth NGOs, regional universities, regional alliance of employers, young migrants, students and teaching staff.


Background: the Inspirational Portal is the second activity in the 2-year FUTURE project co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme and coordinated by the Dnipro University of Technology, which started in 2018 and is a part of Capacity Building in the Field of Youth pull of projects. The project involves NGOs from 4 countries (Poland, Lithuania, Italy and Georgia) and 1 University from Ukraine. This partnership has been approaching towards an ambitious goal – to create and methodologically support a network for involving migrant youth into civic society.

Project Issue: now, European countries are taking in people fleeing wars. The most vulnerable part is youth seeking social integration and career advancement but facing obstacles to the involvement into local community. Thus, the project addresses a need of better social adaptation of migrant youth through the strong network of youth organizations (NGOs + university) using new methodology of mixing non-formal and formal education tools for involvement across Europe.

Inspirational Portal Mission: the portal is an open e-space for those young people who need help and support in adapting in local communities after having migrated from their native countries as well as those who are ready to give a shoulder and provide assistance in this. The portal contains specific materials (supportive articles and addresses, videos, announcements of topic-specific events, photos and etc.) aimed at motivating and giving young migrants hope for better future featured in good relations in community, having families and receiving well-paid jobs. The portal is open for thematic contributions for anyone. Young migrants may find friends and business contacts there and receive useful information related to their living.

Inspirational Portal Web: http://futureproject.org.ua

Inspirational Portal Main Contributors: Dnipro Univeristy of Technology (Ukraine); Non-governmental, non-profit organization INCEPTUS (Lithuania); Foundation Institute of Innovations (Poland); International Center for Peace and Integration (Georgia); Association Connecting Europe (Italy). 

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